Will you be there?
13 & Red
A gentle touch .. of green
Locked,, just like your heart. You don't share your feelings, you kept them locked. And the dead leaves echoed the sound of Andrea Bocelli singing " Mais la vie separe, Ceux qui s'aiment, Tout document, Sans faire de bruit.."-- from his "the falling leaves" song. [Translation]: "But life separated, Those who loved, Very gently, Without making a sound..".. Those dead leaves are your locked feelings, the more you keep them inside your heart, the more you lose green leaves and your loved ones.

ON. I might grown old,, but I have the heart of the new day and new beginnings ... life goes “on"
Rustic Dreams... Don't let the rusty days touch your dreams..
That angry teddy bear. He just needs your gentle touch. He was too gentle to you when you were kid, now that you have grown old, why did you forget about him! Don't forget your past. What is it that we need to leave behind and forget about? What do we need to hold on to for the rest of our lives? How precious is the thing that we hold on to?

 The Black Cat  .. "Go find your Space, I own this Place." said the look on the cat's face.

The Trace. The smile on my face didn't last, when I thought that I have found the trace.

... To BB in public or not to BB ,, that's the question! (x_x) (BB = Bubble Bath).
Was that piece of any value...?
Your heart.. Your thoughts. Who was the first one to step in this alley? and who will be the last?
Green Life on a Wall

Hope is green ,, and green is everywhere. I can see the little details of "Hope" everywhere, I can see you and see through you.

Starbucks,, to spice or space up your mind!. A space to think or forget about anything or everything.. a cup of vanilla spice latte could spice up your mind. What makes the "Space" different from "Spice" is just a letter, but both please your mind.

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