Man and A Woman
Acrylic on calico
Size: 235 x 76 (each)
Year: 2014
Subconsciously those two paintings end up looking like a man and a woman in traditional black cloths. When I stepped back to see them. The one on the right represented what we call in Arabic “بشت” (Bisht)*. The one on the left looked like a golden embroidery for female. Both somehow complete each other, they are like water and light running and reflecting each other, something beautiful about them even if there were things that might disturb them, there is a connection like the river or waterfall and rain, runs and comes back again.

*Wikipedia: Bisht a traditional Arabic men’s cloak popular in Arabia and some Arab countries. It is essentially a flowing outer cloak made of wool, worn over the thobe. Unlike the thobe, the bisht is soft, and it is usually black, brown, beige, cream or grey in colour. As winters are warm in this region, the bisht is usually only worn for prestige on special occasions such as weddings, or festivals such as Eid, or for Friday prayer. In Iraq it is worn by tribal chiefs. The bisht is also worn by East African nobility, including tribal chiefs, kings, and imams, over a kanzu or tunic.)

Acrylic on canvas
Size: 153 x 180
Year: 2015
A subconscious of what is going on in the world. Where life is full of challenges and differences. Different cultures and thoughts run in a busy maze. A maze that could have become a road that links all these difference and merge them.

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